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Start a Yogurt Shop

Self Serve Frozen Yogurt

Thinking of Opening a Yogurt Shop?  Here is what it’s gonna take…

LocationYogurt shops self serve

We need to find you a location that will make sense for high floor traffic.. One that makes sense for the menu items you are promoting. We will help you with the layout of your shop as well.  We can draw your frozen yogurt shop with all the equipment in a drawing plan.  You can get a visual idea about how it is going to look as a finished project.


This is probably one of the biggest and most time consuming things that you need to worry about.  Standard Restaurant Supply has a marketing team on staff that is available for hire at your convenience. We can help you solve some of your marketing issues by providing the following:

• Banners
• Signs
• Fliers/Flyers
• Stickers
• Vehicle Wraps
• Window Wraps and Perforated Window Covers
• Sidewalk Wraps and Stickers
• Floor Graphics and Installation
• Websites
• Adwords

Please let us know if we can help you in any of these areas.  If there is something that is not on this list, please let us know, if we cannot do it… we can point you in the correct direction.



The self serve soft-serve industry is really crowded right now.  This doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful. You need to be creative in your menu to offer unique ideas and creative menu options. Speak with one of our consultants to find out how to improve your frozen yogurt flavors, and menus.


Did you know that labor costs is generally 22-35% of your sales?? This statistic isn’t just from the frozen dessert industry, but the restaurant industry too! Having the wrong people working for you is a huge risk! Every day these people are costing you money because of these things:

• Waste
• Theft
• Cleanliness
• Injury

We will work together with you to help you build recruiting procedures to ensure you get a customer friendly, efficient working staff.


Your new staff must be trained in every aspect of the yogurt service industry! If you are running a self serve soft-serve shop, the staff needs to ensure that the presentation of the toppings is clean and professional.  There is nothing worse than having someone on staff that cannot keep the machines filled up.  You need to have all those mix flavors filled up so the customer’s experience is positive. The staff needs to be trained on how to clean and care for machine so that you are always up and running and making money.


Standard Restaurant Supply will take your project from start to finish and ensure that your business gets off on the right foot! Our team of consultants will be able to draw up your plan and show you how to efficiently run your frozen yogurt shop.


Standard Restaurant Supply is a proud distributor and apart of the Electro Freeze team!

Here are some really amazing pictures of this awesome Self Serve Soft-Serve idea!


Sentry Equipment


Sentry Equipment


Sentry Equipment

Yogurt shops self serve

Sentry Equipment