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World’s Biggest Soft Serve Cone

So I saw this video on youtube about these two kids in Colorado that have made “The world’s biggest soft serve cone”. Check it out below.

I have been around soft serve machines so long that this is old news man. I have done this nearly a dozen times and I can tell you… It’s not that hard, but it is way fun! The only downside I can see is that it would be a huge pain for the customer to be able to enjoy and keep it standing at the same time!

There isn’t really an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop who seems to have a nich like this. I would say that with the extremely crowded yogurt shop business, it’s really important to do something unique. Think of things that give you a competitive advantage over the guys down the street.  This video has over 100k views! I will bet you that people around the Colorado Springs area have all gone in and purchased one of these loss leaders and this video has been an easy way to bring people in.

Worlds BIGGEST soft serve cone!!

Nick made this at RIZUTO’S Ice Cream in Colorado Springs. It nothin special for us, since we do cones this big all the time, as you can see in the poster beh…

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