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Soft Ice Cream Machines – Electro Freeze Versus Taylor

In this business, we are constantly at battle with Taylor soft serve machines. We can go into all the details as to why Electro Freeze makes the better machine, why the Electro Freeze is easier to use, and is easier to clean, but why don’t I just show you this reall neat article that a company in New Jersey has written.

To be honest, you might hear a similar presentation stating the exact opposite from Taylor. The prices between the Electro Freeze SL500 & and the Taylor C713 are pretty close the same. Whatever you know about soft-serve machines, read this article, you might learn something new! :)

People in New York say that if you want to know the difference between Taylor and Electro Freeze, just put them side by side and the customer will ALWAYS choose Electro Freeze. They claim that the product going through these machines comes out smoother, better texture, and even tastes better…

Electro Freeze Utah



Here is the article:

Electro Freeze versus Taylor – Sentry Equipment – Blogger Wed, 20 Nov 2013 08:00:00 GMT

Frozen Yogurt Machine Reviews: Electro Freeze versus Taylor. Frozen yogurt machines are one of the most expensive and the most important pieces of equipment that you need when planning to open up a frozen dessert

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Here is a quote incase the link doesn’t work:

Electro Freeze SL500 Electro Freeze SL500 is a large capacity frozen yogurt machine with an hourly output capacity of about 40 liters. This machine is capable of producing good quality frozen yogurt. Plus, it is equipped with air tubes so you can be sure that you’ll be serving your clients with a creamy product. The Electro Freeze SL500 is a great looking machine which is very easy to operate. This is especially beneficial for self-serve frozen dessert shops. Plus, it has new features such as the VQM touch pad. However, maintenance of this commercial frozen yogurt machine would require the aid of an Electro Freeze rep, which could be a downer for some business owners. Price: This is sold at around $16,000.

Taylor C713 The Taylor C713 is also a large capacity frozen yogurt machine with an hourly output capacity of about 60 liters. This machine is capable of producing high quality product but you’ll have to spend more time setting up the machine properly. Taylor C713 is a nice-looking machine with a modern feel to it. However, it has crevices which are difficult to clean. Like the Electro Freeze machine, it has top of the line features. However, you’ll need a company representative dedicated to its maintenance. Price: This machine is sold at around $15,000.