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Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Soft Serve Machines | 0 comments

Sanitizing & Checking Your Parts – Electro Freeze Ice Cream Machines

Sanitizing & Checking Your Parts – Electro Freeze Ice Cream Machines

 In a previous blog post, we talked about checking your ice cream machine for frost.  softserve22

Now its time to proceed with Start Up of your machine per instructions in your Operator’s Manual:

1.  Wash, rinse, and sanitize parts

2.  Reassemble machine

3.  Sanitize machine

4.  Start up with mix according to equipment  Operator’s Manual instructions.

Parts Check:

We recommend, for your Electro Freeze soft serve machine, a once a year “tune-up” with parts, with the exception of transfer hoses for pump machines.  All machines should have new

O-rings and scraper blades at the beginning of each season.  Beginning the season with a tune-up will keep your machine running smoothly all year, avoiding O-ring leaks and gritty or soft product due to worn scraper blades -which can lead to unnecessary service visits as well as higher electric and water usage.

Mix transfer hoses in Electro Freeze Pump machines should  be changed approximately every 4-8 weeks, depending on your volume of mix used.  This will keep your finished product at the highest quality and help you avoid any un-wanted mix cleanup.


For Electro Freeze Parts, please give us a call as we stock almost everything!

Here is a link for soft serve machines at our store!

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