CS705 — Flavor Injected Shake Freezer

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Product Description

This gravity shake freezer features 5-flavor injections with no CO2 required! Simply press a button to select flavors! The easy-to-operate features include: Quick connections for vendor syrup bottles, easy syrup Electro Freeze Utahadjustments, and fewer parts to disassemble and clean. Great for high paced restaurants, ice cream stores, full-service frozen yogurt shops, family fun and amusement centers.


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• The Finest Frozen Product, consistently the best frozen product available. Smooth, creamy and profitable

• Exclusive Auger Design gently blends, reducing agitation and maintaining product quality and consistency

• Consistency Control designed to dispense the finest frozen product available

• Air Filter washable filter keeps the condenser clean

• Compact with small footprint

• Flavor System press a button to dispense 5 flavor choices vanilla (unflavored shake mix) and 4 flavors. A rinse button eliminates flavor carry over. One gallon syrup jugs eliminates waste and saves crew time.

• Cabinet is a commercial grade stainless steel that includes heavy duty casters, a sturdy latch and gives you 6 cubic feet of storage.

• Experience Tells Electro Freeze has been manufacturing quality frozen treat machines since 1929. Superior engineering, product innovations, sturdy construction, quality craftsmanship and dependable performance are Electro Freeze hallmarks.

Superior Service Support backed by a world-wide distributor network

Mix Hopper Size: 20 Quart

Freezing Cylinder Size: 7.7 Quart

Voltage: 208/230 Single Phase

Motor: 1/2 HP

Compressor: 8000 BTU

• Depth: 28.125″

• Width: 18 7/16″

• Height: 58 11/16″

• Weight: 348 lbs




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