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Cool Little Recipe To Try In a Soft Serve Machine

I spent the weekend at my in laws. It was really crowded and there were alot of noisy kids and crying babies. Everyone at the dinner table started talking about this “tradition” that they did whenever all the families got together.

Home made ice cream.

I have had it before…never really cared for the stuff. If you are talking ice cream, im a frozen yogurt kinda guy. I love how creamy and soft it is, coming out of a soft serve machine that is. :P

So apparently, they all help make this big ol’ batch using a family recipe. They don’t have a softserve machine, but rather a home ice cream machine. You know the ones that you put ice around the cylinder, and use ice salt to melt the ice?


Anyway, after it was done, I tried the ice cream and it was amazing! I couldn’t believe it tasted this great! I mean, it was home made… Nevertheless, it was really tasty. I talked to my wife and told her that we should get some of the these home made recipes and try them out in a soft serve machine. I bet they would be awesome! little chunks of strawberries, or peaches. mmm…

I found this recipe online that we are going to start with. Check this out:

Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream | Blondie and Brownies Wed, 26 Feb 2014 14:08:15 GMT

And be sure to get your timer out for this recipe, especially if you’ve never made a base for ice cream before, as this will help you a great deal until you learn what it’s suppose to look like. You’ll also need an ice cream machine

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Here is what it says:

Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream Adapted from The Busy Mom’s Cookbook

4 cups heavy cream

1 Tablespoon vanilla extract

9 egg yolks

1 1/2 cups sugar

Add-ins (optional): crushed Oreo cookies, M&M’s, frozen brownie chunks, etc.

In a large pot, heat the cream and vanilla on medium heat (I set my gas burner in between 5 & 6). Whisk occasionally, for about 5 minutes just to heat it up.

In the meantime, whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a large heat-proof bowl for about 5 minutes, or until they’re lighter in color.

When the cream is steaming, but not boiling, pour a large ladle of heated cream into the egg yolk mixture and whisk immediately to temper the eggs (bringing them to the same temperature as the cream without scrambling them). Add another large ladle of heated cream, and whisk immediately again. Add one more large ladle and repeat.

Then pour the tempered egg yolk mixture into the pot of remaining heated heavy cream, whisking the entire time. Grab a wooden spoon and continue to stir the custard for 5 minutes – set your timer!

The custard will go from watery and frothy to slightly thickened with no frothy bubbles in about 4 – 5 minutes. As soon as it starts to slightly coat the back of your spoon (it will still be translucent) take it off the heat and pour it through a sieve (to catch all the chewy pieces) into a food storage container.

Let it cool on at room temperature for about 30 minutes to reduce sweating in the refrigerator. Then set the container in the refrigerator with a paper towel over it, or a lid if you don’t mind any sweating. Let set overnight before churning in an ice cream maker.

When ready, pour the base into an ice cream machine and turn on low for about 15 minutes, or follow the instructions given by your particular ice cream machine.

In the last few minutes, pour in any add-ins, if desired. Scoop into a food storage container and place in the freezer.