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Standard Restaurant Supply has been a distributor for Electro Freeze for many years! We supply  frozen desert equipment to restaurants and yogurt shops all over the state of Utah.   With our complete ice cream consultant skill set, we supply our clients with sales, service & parts, marketing/advertising, and solutions to get higher profits out of your operation.  It’s easy to simply sell an ice cream machine, but it takes real skill to install, train, and ensure your organization is successful!

We are your distributor for Electro Freeze. This means that we are ready to get anything you are interested in. Please speak to us about the following units of ice cream equipment

• Soft Serve Machines

• Ice Cream Machines

• Milk Shake Machines

• Shake / Ice Cream Machine Combos

• Slush Machines

• Margarita Machines

• Cocktail Machines

• Granita Machines

• Gelato Ice Cream Machines

• Hard-Packed Ice Cream Machines

• Flavor Systems

• Whipped Cream Machines

• Hot Chocolate Machines

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